Max – Yellow Male, 10 years, 92 pounds

Hi my name is Max, but my foster parents call me Max a Million. They say I am very special to them because I am such a good boy, dare you say, one in a million? Well of course I am! You see, I am just happy to be an inside dog for once in my life. In my before life, which I do not like to talk about anymore, I was left outside with little to no attention, man that can make a guy go crazy! Now I live the life of luxury indoors, on couches, shoot I even sleep on my foster’s parents bed every night. Times are looking up. I want to continue to have that life with you! I only go outdoors nowadays to handle my business, once I am finished I come racing back in. Well I guess not racing, I should rather say walking fast. I am past that hyper running stage.

I was not potty trained before I was rescued by my LRRF defenders, but I am proud to say that I am now! It only took a little over a week and I was able to figure out what my foster humans wanted me to do. Well my two foster fur brothers helped me out too. I get along with other dogs, but enjoy them best if they have the same mellow personality as me. I am over the crazy hyper puppies, they’re just too much for me.

I love to go on car rides as a matter of fact, I really just adore being anywhere with my humans. I am a really chill dog that just likes to follow my foster parent’s around and lay wherever they go. Guess what? They do not even crate me when they are away at work. Yep! I get to roam free with my foster brothers. They never come home to any surprises, because I know what I need to do. I also walk great on a leash and am ready for a walk any day that you please. I am also great with kids big or small, I am a gentle giant. I will not jump on you or the kids either. I just do a happy paw dance when you walk in the door. If you want to continue giving me the love that I receive now, please fill out an application for me today! Remember I am Max one in a million.