Malcolm in the Middle

Black Male X, Age 4.5 years, 68 lbs.

Meet this handsome sweet fellow called Malcolm after the television sitcom Malcolm in the Middle! Just like his TV character this poor but sweet guy has experienced his fair share of being passed over, ignored, “stuck in the middle” and caught trying to survive around many crazy characters while he languished at a local high kill shelter for over seven weeks.

Thankfully the Defender of Dogs answered the urgent plea and saved this beautiful boy just in the nick of time.

Malcolm has a gentle sweet spirit and enjoys meeting people and dogs of all shapes and sizes – he is particularly happiest when he is with his people and would prefer to not spend too many hours alone in the yard.

With plenty of exercise and proper redirection we are sure Malcolm’s energy level will be more predictable as he relaxes into his forever home. He needs a little bit of leash work, and he would be a great dog for obedience school as he is smart, eager to please, a quick learner, and great around other people and dogs.

Malcolm would be an ideal pet for just about any family, he is crate trained and sleeps quietly indoors at night. He’s not too sure about cats and would probably do better in a home without feline tormentors.

As with most dogs Malcolm has put the past behind him and is ready to start a new life, he is so very grateful and happy for being rescued.

Malcolm has a beautiful soft coat that may indicate he has some other type of retriever in his genetic pool and he will require some additional grooming to keep his feathery legs and tail shiny and tangle free.

To inquire about Malcolm, please apply at

If you have an application on file, only one is necessary. Thank you for helping us save more lives. Adopt don’t shop!!