Yellow Female
54 lbs., 1-1/2 years old.

I’m confused. First, I step out with my posse for some fun and this paddy wagon pulls up on us and we get arrested. I got 8 days hard time in Porterville, all right, I’m out, we’re cruising down the highway BOOM the red and blue lights come on, not again! I’m still on probation, I’m hiding in the back seat, cool the cop didn’t see me.

Wow, I’m in the big city, the lady that almost got me busted, again, takes me to the doctors, where I meet this dude who takes me to his hideout. I’ve got to lay low till the dust settles, wow, I’m in the foothills lots of room here. I’m ready to rock and roll now, okay I’m getting a new necklace, and it must be because I’m so darn pretty. This thing is a little tight, I’m out walking around with my new canine buddies Roscoe and Zoey, there goes Zoey after a squirrel, I’m all about that, I’m on it like white on rice, cold on ice, spots on dice, cats on mice…CRUNCH!!!! WHAT THE…What just happened?? Prong collar?? The dude said I get too rambunctious with a regular collar, so I need this little beauty, so he doesn’t need to go to the chiropractor, again. Now I’m all chill and have a regular collar on, I’m not going to need that contraption anymore.

Let’s get back to how pretty I am, I’ve even had offers from Playdog magazine to do a pictorial, but I’m too shy for that. I was a wild child before I hooked up with Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, but they have convinced me that I need to straighten up, I’m learning to have manners. I sleep in my crib, I mean, crate every night, and the uprights tell me how good I am for not causing a raucous. I had not been around cats before, they are a little strange, they don’t like you getting in their business, I just let them be and we are all happy. I haven’t found a K9 that I don’t like, I’m young and need a lot of exercise, so that I can cuddle at night, I like being inside with the family and chewing on my own toys.

Did I mention how pretty I am? Everyone tells me that, I can’t get over it. When I go to a party, it’s like walking on to a yacht, my collar strategically dipped below one eye, my leash is apricot, I’ve got one eye on the mirror, as I watch myself walk by. You know something? I can’t wait till tomorrow, cause I get better looking each day!!!

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