Lyric – Chocolate Female, 1 year and 59 lbs.

My name is Lyric – will you be my friend? I kind of like Winnie the Pooh – but in shape! I’m everyone’s friend, I’m happy, and I just want to meet everyone! Can we play tag? Can we play chase? Can I give you a kiss or two? That’s me in a nutshell – I just need you to be complete!

Some people wonder how I can be so happy after the life I have had. Chained up, alone, 24-7. No shelter, no fun. And when I was determined to be a burden; they decided to get rid of me. I did not have a very good life, but you know what, that all changed a couple of weeks ago – right on the edge of death. You see, before I could be taken into the pound, I was rescued by the legendary Defenders of Dogs – the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. You know, I think they are dogs on two feet because of the size of their hearts. Well, they made the sun shine and brought out my happy smile and wagging tail. And they promised me I would never again live on a chain and that they would find you for me, my very own family, to love.

I’m just a young girl, smart and eager to learn. I already learned I sleep in the crate at night or when no one is home. I quickly learned we potty outside. My foster dad takes me for jogs which I love and foster mom takes me on walks where I get to meet all kinds of new two legged friends! I also have an older, small four legged foster sister who is the boss, a four legged brother whom is very fun to play with, and a cat which doesn’t want to play with me because I’m kind of rough, so I leave her alone. I have discovered I like standing in the pool, but haven’t yet decided to swim, but I will probably be really good at it! Foster mom taught me to sit, but I bet I can learn a whole lot more! Adopt me, make me family, and I will love you for life!

Lyric is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Before adopting a young dog, please consider Labradors mature at around three years of age, and before that time can have significant degrees of puppy energy. Labs steady temperament, desire to please, and ability to learn, make them idea family pets as long as they receive the appropriate time, training, and exercise. Lyric is a happy, loving girl who gets along with people and other dogs and with the proper introduction, could work with a dog-savvy cat. If you would like to adopt this sweetheart, please fill out an application at: