Lobo – Chocolate Male, 8 years, 73 lbs

Well hey there folks! My name is Lobo and I am looking for a forever family to love for the rest of my days. Life has not been very kind to me until now… You see, I was found as a stray in a rural area in very rough shape. When I was found, it was obvious to my rescuers that no one has provided me with much care in a very long time – my teeth are worn down to nubs, my coat was rough and sun-bleached, my skin was so itchy from flea allergies and infections, and my poor body is covered in scars. Luckily those tireless Defenders of Dogs at Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno took me in and though they cannot fix my scars, they have fixed the rest of me up nicely! My coat is growing back in thick and soft, my skin no longer itches and burns, and my belly no longer aches with hunger. They have even helped the aches and pains in my knees with medication. I feel like a new man! I may have some scars on the outside, but my soul remains as pure and sweet as the day I was born. I have instant unconditional love for the people around me and never stop wagging my tail. Do you need some Lobo love in your life?

I am a cuddly snuggly lovebug who only wants to be near my people. I am an older gentleman who just wants to hang out by your side. I am very chill and relaxed and don’t need much really. Just a soft bed to sleep on, a person to cuddle with, some food, and a few treats and I am all set! I love people of all ages and I am very calm and gentle with children. I am great with other dogs and I absolutely love puppies! Those little ones are so sweet and goofy – they help keep me young! I am indifferent about cats and just avoid them. I am a lover, not a fighter! I am house-trained too. No need for a crate with me – I am very well-mannered and frankly, a bit lazy. I will just wait patiently for you to return and take a nice nap. Naps are the best!

Lobo has an amazing spirit full of love and sweetness, despite the many years of neglect he has experienced. Lobo loves without hesitation and will be your best friend in every way. This darling boy does have some knee dysplasia, but our vet has determined he does not need surgery, just pain management with an affordable medication easily obtained through your vet. All Lobo wants is a family to call his own, people to love and to cherish, and a soft bed to lay his head on. If you need some of that sweet Lobo love in your life, please apply to adopt today at www.labrescuefresno.org!