Lexi – Chocolate Female, 8 Years

So, are you looking for a little love in all the right places? A perfect, no assembly required kind of relationship guaranteed to make your heart sing? Someone there for you on the good days and the fat days and all the days in-between? Well, look no further, you have found your girl – loyal and true, ready to be totally committed to you! My name is Lexi and if you act quickly, we can be the perfect family and make the loneliness go away!

Now me, I’m a mellow-yellow kind of a girl who really only needs you to be happy. I would love to be your only four legged squeeze, to sit by your side or go for walks around the block or park. Car rides and picnics too, anything to be with you. For a pat or a hug or a cuddle, I will give a tail wagging smile! I’m fully house trained, with perfect indoor manners, and unlike the younger lads and labbies, I can live anywhere as long as you are there. Is your apartment lonely tonight? Your garden not so bright? Adopt me and we can make the blues go away!

I spent enough years alone in the backyard, getting nothing but a sunburn on my nose, to know to not take for granted the people that love you. If you have been looking for a companion but have been hesitant about adopting because you don’t feel like you have the knowledge or patience to train or deal with problem traits – then I’m the girl for you because all you need to know how to do is give hugs and cuddles. So, what are you waiting for – put in your application today and ask for Lexi True!

Lexi is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. She gets along well with people large and small, and gets along with other dogs outside the home, however, would prefer to be your only pet. As a mature gal, she is well past the crazy puppy stage and could live just about anywhere as long as she has the love of her humans. If you would like to have the happy love of this sweet lady, please fill out an application at: https://www.facebook.com/LabRescueFresno.Org