Joanie – The Classic Collection

Black Female, Age 7, 45 lbs.

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days! Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days! Thursday, Friday, Happy Days! Saturday, what a day, grooving all week with you! Oh, hello there! My name is Joanie and my days are HAPPY! Why? Well, silly, because I am rescued! The best part about being a rescue is that I know they will help me find you, my dear, dear forever family! And when I find you it will be goodbye grey sky, hello blue, cause nothing can hurt me when you hold me!

All right, I know Happy Days was cancelled, but then, so was I! For whatever reasons, my former “owners” let me end up in a shelter; basically canceling me – no chance for reruns. Let me tell you a shelter is a scary place where there are bad smells and people whisper a lot and dogs die. Lucky for me, the Defenders of Dogs regularly patrol places like this and save as many of us as they can. What a lucky day for me when they happened upon me. The ones that found me are Legends to all Labradors, The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. And they make a promise that they will make sure I have not just owners, but a real, live family of my own! And so, here I sing, Happy Days are here again!

Me? You will find me as easy as pie! All I really want is a nice place to sleep, some scratches behind my ears, and someone to tell me they love me. I of course love people and I get along with all dogs, large and small. Cats and small critters look too delicious and I will make sure they don’t take up residence in our yard! I love my crate and will put myself to bed when I get tired. I’m house-trained, just please remind me to go outside once in a while. I love children and like to sneak in kisses. My foster family has a seven-year-old granddaughter who often comes to play with me and we have a ton of fun. Don’t let my seven young years fool you. I have lots of energy to chase balls, run in the backyard, and chew up stuffies. I’m just getting started with life …Adoption Day = Happy Days forever! So, please family, come get me so we can begin our own Happy Days together that no one can cancel!

Joanie is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. She is a very sweet, petite lady who gets along with people and other dogs. House and crate trained, she is an easy addition to any household without cats. If you would like to make this girls dream of Happy Days ever after, please fill out an application at