Jemma – From the Gem Collection

Black Female, 4 Years, 70 lbs

Hello to all of our friends and followers of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. My name is Laura and I am one of the many volunteers of LRRF. I like to think of us as Ambassadors for the Voiceless, with our primary function to help give our rescues a voice – both in pictures and words, to share their story so they can find their perfect home. With our beautiful, gentle Jemma, I find that I cannot tell her story to explain herself in her own words, so this story is going to be told from the eyes of a rescuer.

Today started as so many days, with calls and emails and messages about dogs needing to be saved. Some days it is overwhelming and the things we see break our hearts. How do we continue on you want to know? You see, the look in the eyes of a dog who knows he has been saved is the glue that puts our hearts back together – their love making our hearts grow stronger. When the plea for Jemma came in, it was just so sad. So scared, our sweet Jemma with the mysterious eyes who wouldn’t hurt a soul, sat shivering in the back of her cell. So frightened, yet desperate to be loved. Already spayed with a green X tattoo, we wondered about her story – how she found herself there, terrified? And as she cowered in the corner, we just knew we couldn’t let that be the last thing she remembered on God’s Green Earth. So we brought her into a wonderful foster home and saved her life, hoping to find her the love of her life.

With lots of patience and love, we are beginning to see the real Gem that is Jemma emerge. Seeing love instead of fear in her beautiful, unique eyes, gives us hope to keep up the fight. Still frightened by loud noises, she turns to a four-legged foster brother for comfort and reassurance. Get her out on a leash and she is a different dog who just blossoms! No one who meets her this way can resist her sweetness. House trained, quiet, and gentle with all, she needs continued patience and love which she will return ten-fold with unconditional love.

So, If you ever wanted to be a rescuer, to see what love and trust can bring to a dog that will change your life, I urge you to consider the Gem that is Jemma, more priceless than gold. Her unique and mysterious eyes checked out by a specialist and work just fine. She would be best with a four-legged fur friend, as she takes her cues on trust from them. If you think you have what it takes to commit to love her no matter how long it takes, please fill out an application for our sweet darling Jemma at: https://www.LabRescueFresno.Org