Jazz – The Inspirational Collection

Yellow Male, 8 Years, 60 lbs

Hello Rescue Warriors – I have been through some challenges, but am now healed and ready to go and be your forever buddy! Who am I? Why, I’m Jazz and I’m back and ready to start living life! I just need you to accept my challenge!

So, what is this challenge of which I speak? Well, it started because life hasn’t been kind to me. I had an owner who dumped me at the shelter, he called me Spaz because of my limp, he said I should be “put down” – life has been painful and lonely. But then I was discovered by the Defenders of Dogs and everything changed! They saw in me a beautiful dog with a beautiful smile and a happy, Jazzy heart just waiting for the right person to come along and fix me up. So, for months they got me ready for surgery for not one, but two knees! Tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy. Say that three times fast! I have had a wonderful foster mom that made sure (they said it was my physical therapy) I did not jump on furniture, no rough-housing, and no getting in and out of vehicles by myself. In addition she took me on two daily walks, and allowed me to increase speed and length as I was healing. I also incorporated hills, ramps, and short flights of stairs. Swimming is also good for me and sometimes we did that instead of walks.

My foster mom was fantastic and she knows that I am now ready to bond with my forever family. I would love to follow my person around, sit near you, just be with you! I so want someone to love who will love me in return! I have now completed all my therapy and I am waiting to live that sweet live with you! I am a Jazz-Happy guy waiting for some mellow adventures with you along with sweet and happy, healthy and loving days to chase away any loneliness forever!

Jazz is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. He is a sweet, mellow-yellow boy who gets along with everyone, even his foster mom’s cats, (he may chase the outside ones that run). He is house trained, crate trained and well behaved in the house. Foster mom also says that those small little dogs on those walks make me a little whiny and wanting to “go meet them quick”. Jazz would do best in a home without small children because of his size and a family that would like to exercise him regularly, but not over-do-it. Beyond that, love and a lap to lay his head are what this boy is looking for.
If you think you may be able to provide that forever home for Jazz, please fill out an application at our website: https://www.LabRescueFresno.Org

From all of us at the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, thank you for supporting our efforts, we could not help dogs like Jazz without you!