Ivy – Yellow Female, 5ish years, 70 lbs.

Hey I’m Ivy! You can’t make this stuff up, I was stuck in a no where life, nothing to look forward to, Christmas is coming, and I had enough lumps of coal that Kingsford put my picture on their bags. I got to take a ride, which I love to do, and I end up at the Bates Hotel and Reformatory! I’m in cell 13 on the 13th floor there is this German dude in cell 12 that won’t shut up. In cell 14 there is something going on so strange that Ripley’s doesn’t even believe it, and in cell 15 there is this guy from Alaska that can’t find gold in a jewelry store. Cool I have 3 visitors, anyone that hangs in this place can’t be very bright, that proves it, they are interviewing Laurel and Hardy in cell 14. They are huddled up now and everyone is shaking their heads and shrugging, they can’t figure it out either!!! Oh, great the warden is here now, what else can go wrong!!! WHAT, WAIT, WHAT, the warden wants the 2 in cell 14 evicted!!! EVICTED, that never happens. They accidently unlock my door and I run out, “Start the Truck, Start the Truck”.

I’m already riding shotgun, buckled up, dialing in my favorite tunes, and I don’t see anyone from my entourage yet. Now I can see those 2 from cell 14 in the sun light, it’s even worse than I thought, we can’t be going to San Diego cuz they don’t have Orca shows anymore. That’s it, we are going to the Cat House, that must be some freakish feline, and its buddy is a living hair ball named Coffee.

Okay, we out ran the posse, we are splitting up, I’m crewing with this guy and heading up the hill until the dust settles, damn, this place is cool, lots of room to roam, but I like it close to the house. I’m the shy type so it takes me awhile to get to know new people, but I don’t have a problem getting up into new K9 business. 2 other K9s here, both busted out of the joint too, Zoey is showing me around and introducing me to the neighbor dogs. Roscoe is old and crotchety, I give him goo-goo eyes, wage my tail and he gets bowed up and grumbles at me. Every morning us 3 K’s and the manager trainee walk down to get the paper, I’m really getting the hang of this leash thing.

All right, it’s Christmas Eve and there’s a party going on, no one is looking, they won’t miss that piece of prime rib…………. BUSTED! Apparently counter surfing and scarfing is considered unacceptable behavior, oh and I must refrain from peeing on the floor. That’s cool I’m not going to do anything to screw up this setup. Speaking of Cat House, there are 3 here, they think they are so cool, sitting on the people’s lap. Watch this, there, why are you having a hard time breathing, you can’t hang with a 70-lb. bundle of joy laying on your lap? Better get used to it, or sit on the couch and I’ll lay my head in your lap. Don’t even get one of the Snuggy things that’s just not cool.

Well the folks here seem to trust me, they gave me a set of keys and leave me in the house with Zoey and Roscoe, don’t leave me for too long though. I know this is temporary, but it’s nice to be trusted, Zoey is showing me how to watch over the place and even I, as cute as I am, can look pretty tuff. Cool the big brown truck is here again, my tail is wagging, scored another box from Chewy! So much for the tuff guy.

So, before I get evicted, let’s make a deal Monty, basically I’m perfect, all you must do is take me to your place, it’s cool if you have other dogs, even cats, but you must pay attention to me. Even when your boss yells at you, when you come home you will look at me and you will be in your happy place. BTW medium rare on the prime rib.

Ivy is house and crate trained and gets along with both dogs and cats. She can be a little shy at first with people but warms up. Ivy is available for adoption through Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Ivy was unceremoniously dumped at the local pound by her “owners” because they “didn’t have time for her anymore”. Obviously their loss and some lucky family will cherish this girl as she should be. If interested in giving this lovely girl a home. Please fill out an application at www.labrescuefresno.org.