Hoss – Black Male, 3 years old, 82 lbs.

Just like the gentle cowboy Hoss with the big heart on the well known TV Western show Bonanza, this gentle handsome guy will be your constant companion and your loyal brother and buddy.

This Hoss needs a little love and structure and he’s practically perfect. “Just find me a home without those pesky cats … ” says Hoss. “Those pesky varmints [felines] agitate me!”

Hoss is a handsome, healthy 3-year old which sadly found himself dumped at the shelter by his “owner” because he was “too big and didn’t have manners”. Last we checked, they don’t get manners on their own. Lab Rescue sees this sad affair all too often, a cute pup turns into a forgotten backyard dog, no one spends time with them and the dog always suffers.

Hoss loves to play fetch, sleeps quietly in his crate at night and is past the destructive puppy stage, making him the perfect age to find a wonderful new home. Hoss prefers to be in the company of his people and prefers to have someone around more often than not. He would be an ideal friend for a retired person(s) or stay at home/work from home family.

Hoss would be an excellent candidate for obedience school, because he’s eager to learn and please, he likes people and dogs and is learning to be an indoor gentleman. He needs someone to invest in teaching him to walk on a leash with a little less “hoss-power” and this boy will be the perfect love bug and best friend you could ever ask for!

Together we can help change Hoss’s story to a happy ending and hopefully educate others that Labs need to be with their humans, they can’t just be expected to live outside and behave without love, patience and some training. Labs are very social dogs and the more interaction they get with their humans the happier they will be.

To inquire about Hoss please fill out an application at www.LabRescueFresno.org.