George and Lucy

George and Lucy – Bonded Chocolate Siblings, 5 years old

Having trouble sticking to that New Year’s fitness resolution? Well these two are here to help! Meet George and Lucy, a bonded pair of 5 year old Chocolate labs. They were left behind when their owners moved and could not take them to their new home. A Good Samaritan neighbor stepped up and kept them for a few days and contacted the defenders of dogs – the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. George weighs 120 lbs, and Lucy weighs 85 (But losing!). So if you’re wanting to add more exercise to your life, these two would definitely benefit from some extra walks and could help serve as your motivation! Here they are to tell you more about themselves…

Hi, I’m Lucy. I sure do love my buddy, George. We go everywhere together. We were pretty sad when our people moved away, but then LRRF came to the rescue and we got to go live in a foster home with 4 other dogs, big and small. I try to play with them, but don’t last too long because I get a little winded (I think foster mom mentioned I’m a bit out of shape). We get along great with everyone! Foster mom says she’s so impressed with how well we rode in the car (it was an hour long ride and we were awesome!). She also says we’re both super sweet and super soft, and we LOVE sleeping in our crates at night, and sleeping in late when we get the chance. We just had one thing we needed to work on–manners. Apparently if you want to be a house dog you have to behave a bit differently than if you are just going to be left in the yard with a bowl of food all day. Foster mom has been working with us on how to walk nicely on a leash and says we both have nearly mastered “heel”. We’re also doing a great job with “wait / okay” at doors and fences, and we know to sit nicely before we get our dinner. We really love people, and have been super fast learners. If you’re willing to continue to work with us to let us know your house rules, we will catch on quickly and won’t let you down!

I’m Big George, and I am a whole lotta dog. At first, my foster mom described me as a “bull in a China shop”. I don’t know what that means, but I think it had something to do with the fact that I nearly yanked her arm out of the socket the first time she put a leash on me and tried to take me for a walk. I guess I didn’t realize how strong I am–I hadn’t really ever walked on a leash before. But, foster mom didn’t lose patience with me; we just practiced, and she says I’ve got a near perfect “heel” and that I’m doing a great job with all my other manners (sit, wait, etc.). In fact, she says Lucy and I are two of the smartest, fastest learners she’s ever seen and she doesn’t know how someone could have just left us behind. I get along great with all my foster siblings, and the family’s 12 year old son. My foster mom says that I might not be a great match for a family with really small children because when I get excited I could accidentally knock them down.

George and Lucy are a bonded pair and should be adopted together. George and Lucy would thrive in a home with dog savvy owners who have some training experience, or even new owners who are willing to continue their training and take them to obedience classes. If you’re comfortable with continuing the work the foster has already provided using mild correction (leash tugs) and rewards (treats and praise), you will find that they are both eager to learn and clearly want to please. If you are interested in this fabulous bonded pair, please fill out an adoption application at