Electra – The Sweetness Collection

Black Female, 1 Year, 55 lbs

My names is Electra – thank you for stopping and reading my story. Do you know how many people just walk right on by black dogs – almost like we don’t exist? Add the fact that not only am I black, I am shy. When I ended up in a local shelter, I thought, “this is it” and I was ready to accept my fate to die. But then I found out there is a very powerful force in the universe, and it is called LOVE. Love makes me beautiful. Love makes me irresistible. Love rescued me and changed my whole life for the better. Now, I am told, love will find me a family and make me always matter! Are you looking for me?

The awesome Defenders of Dogs, also known as the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, saw my heart right away and unleashed the power of their love on me. They could see through my shyness and see that while I might be a bit shy for a moment when I first meet you, as soon as I feel love my eyes start shinning and I am ready to climb into the safety of your lap. They took me to a wonderful place called a foster home where I have a small, four-legged foster sibling, and a two legged foster family. But my favorite thing of all is my two-legged foster brothers! My foster brother Tony is teaching me tricks – like sit and stay! I am really smart and love to learn. I am a bi-lingual dog – I learned sit in two languages! I also have good house manners, do my business outside, and as long as you give me something appropriate to chew, I will not chew your things. After going for walks, I love to watch TV with my foster family! We are watching the Life of Pie right now and boy, I love the tiger scene! All I need to make my life complete is my very own furever family! Think you could possibly be the one for me? I promise, once I give my heart, it’s for life!

Electra is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Before adopting a Labrador, please remember that appropriate time, training and exercise are essential to ensure you have a valued family member for life. Electra is good with other dogs, and while at first shy with people, quickly warms up. Best in a home without cats, Electra is a sweet girl of average energy level who loves watching TV with the family and going for walks. If you would like to adopt this precious little darling, please fill out an application at: www.labrescuefresno.org