Chipper– Our Vintage Collection
Black Male, 65 lbs, Age Lucky 13

Hello my fine, discerning friends, my name is Chipper and I am a true vintage guy looking for love in all the right places. Like a fine wine, I’m aged to perfection, waiting to make a true connoisseur a most happy person. Someone who sees beauty is more than skin deep, who appreciates the finer thing in life. Someone who reads my story despite my age and my color. Someone who will love me unconditionally, the only way I know how to love.

About myself; after years of being an outdoor dog with an indoor personality, my owners decided they didn’t like each other anymore than they liked me and got a divorce. Not sure what this means other than lots of yelling and then they both move out. What they forgot was me! They left me in the backyard, alone, and forgotten. Luckily for me our wonderful neighbor slipped me food and water wondering when they were coming back. When it became very clear – something about a foreclosure or something – that they weren’t coming back, she called in the Calvary. Boy are these guys awesome! They are known as the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno and they made short work of turning my frown upside down! Now I am living the life of luxury inside my foster home waiting for my true destiny, so long dreamed about but never forgotten!

Now, don’t let 13 scare you – its Lucky 13 for me! I was rescued and I don’t have to live in the backyard alone ever again! I will tell you I have as much energy as any of those young whipper-snappers, but with the discernment and appreciation that comes with age. A little snow on the nose doesn’t change the heart and when happy I can still grab air with all four feet! And I have more personality in my little toe than most have in their whole bodies! I’m house trained, happy-go-lucky guy who loves people, other dogs, and I even ignore the silly cat! I have never had many walks in my life but I am finding I sure love them in my foster home – just have a little patience as I learn how – as this is new to me. All that aside, what I really want is what all dogs want … someone to love me and care for me and never let me go. Could that be you?

Chipper is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. This house-trained guy is loving and gets along with people, dogs and even cats. He requires little beyond plenty of love, a soft place to sleep and light exercise. He enjoys walking but is learning how to be a gentleman on the leash and will require some training in this area. If you have room in your heart and home, you can’t go wrong with this guy – he will return love ten-fold. If you would like to adopt Chipper, please fill out an application at our website:. www.LabRescueFresno.Org