Charlee and Charlette

Charlee and Charlette – Double Chocolate Sweetness

Male Age 5, Female Age 4

Calling all chocolate lovers, a once in a lifetime chance to adopt a double chocolate sweetness, calorie free! You can have dessert every day with us and never gain a pound! I’m Charlee, a very handsome milk chocolate complete with fancy wrapping called “papers” and my girl here, Charlette, you won’t find anyone as lovable as she west of the Mississippi. So, adopt us, C&C, and we can be a complete family!

I know – you are thinking we are just too good to be true. Nope! We are the real deal. You see, we had a family, complete with a new baby, who loved us maybe a bit too much. Then one day, our daddy got called up to defend our nation and the family had to move. A lot! Feeling this was no life for a comfortable pair like us, they tried to find us a home. That hasn’t worked out so good, but while our family became heroes of the land, we were lucky and found some local heroes – those that protect the innocent and fuzzy faced like Charlette and me. You might have heard of them – the Defenders of Dogs, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno? So here we are – the Dream Team looking for a chocolate loving family to call our own!

So, about us. We are both crate trained, house trained, and have been to obedience school. (We might need a refresher course.) We love kids, we love people, and we love belly rubs! We also love to go for walks and swims, just like all Labradors like. We love snacks and treats. Maybe we need to go on a few more walks and swims than we have been going on in the past – Charlette is ready to get her girlish figure back! Oh, and of course we love to snuggle and cuddle and we have about the prettiest coats with velvet soft ears you will just want to touch! Really, what we are missing so much is just to have you, a happy family who loves us as much as we will love you! Do you have room for a chocolate family?

Charlee and Charlette are a bonded pair looking for their forever home. They are a sweet pair that would love the stability of a family home of their own. They will required little beyond regular exercise, their food intake monitored, and unconditional love. If you are interested in adopting our C&C, please fill out an application at our website:. https://www.LabRescueFresno.Org