Michael Caine – Part of Our Movie Star Collection

Black Male, 5-1/2 years, 78 lbs

Being alone isn’t fun – especially for a dog. Our main purpose is to be part of a family – a pack not to be broken. For those of us dogs who have found ourselves abandoned, life isn’t so grand. But for us lucky few sometimes fate, or in my case, rescuers step in and gives us a second chance! My name is Michael Caine and I am ready for my big break – that role of a lifetime – as your lifelong, loyal supporting sidekick and an important part of your family!

You know, it hasn’t always been easy for me. I have had gigs I thought would be a lifetime, from a butler Alfred with Batman to a grandpa with Second Hand Lions. But the life was rough, the food never guaranteed, the people not always so nice. I thought I was at the end of my rope when, walking down a lonely country road, I was saved and brought to these wonderful people at the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Wow! I was introduced to a whole new world! These people have taken the time to know me, to love me, and help me begin “Acting” lessons so I can be the best sidekick you can imagine! And now I am looking for you!

I am as gentle as a lamb, I love all and even get along with the cat and the tortoise. I am quiet and I rarely bark unless I have something truly important to say. I sleep at night in my crate like a good boy and can be trusted inside the home when you are gone. I have learned to come in the doggy door, but out – not so much. (I wonder why I should go outside!) I love nothing more that to be by your side, watch TV, or perhaps snuggle with a good book. I walk well on a leash, but have never had coaching on things like sit or stay. I am sure I could learn if you took the time with me! But the most important thing of all – I have a great big heart full of love to give to my family! Won’t you take on that role and make me a part of your life? It will be beautiful! Please, adopt me? Please?

Caine is a mellow, gentle dog who just wants to be loved. He has not had the benefit of training, but wants to learn, still walks well on a leash and hasn’t had any accidents in his foster home. He gets along well with other dogs and people, and ignores that cat at his foster home. Do you have it in your heart to give this gentle boy a second chance at a happy life? If you would like to adopt Mr. Caine, please fill out an application at our website.