Black Cherry

Black Cherry – Our Springtime Collection
Black Female, 1 year, 55 lbs.

Hi! I’m Black Cherry and I am looking for my new home! I’m kind of a tomboy – I like hunting squirrels and birds, getting up at dawn, and bully sticks! I like playing keep away and sleeping in my great, big dog bed! I am super smart and intense and would love to be your new best friend! What do you think? Me plus you equal a family!

I know you Lab lovers like to know how we end up here, needing adoption. I know it is hard to image, but there are people out there that aren’t like you, they don’t understand Labs, and they just don’t understand dogs are born to be part of the family. So, when I was thrown in a backyard as a puppy, never to know the inside of the house, I did what all bored dogs do, I entertained myself. Well, my owner then decided he didn’t this or me, so he just locked me out one day. I ran wild for a couple of weeks until a Good Samaritan was able to gain my trust enough to catch me and she delivered me to the loving arms of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Just wow! It’s like nothing I can ever put into words. One minute I am trash, the next I am treasure! I must be the luckiest dog in the whole wide world!

Now, to tell you about myself – I really am still a puppy, a blank slate, but smart as a whip and looking for someone to teach me how to be a perfect pet. I do know the basics – sit, the crate, where to potty, but there is so much more I want to do and learn! I am already learning stay, wait, and don’t jump. I can be a little shy at first, but so worth the wait once I know I can trust you! I like other fur faces like me as well – they are fun to play with and expel some energy! I love to take the toys and run, seeing if they can catch me! All the toys need to come out of the box – they are not much fun in there! I also like rising with the sun and patrolling the home to ensure no furry rodents have tried to move in – we can’t have that! I am still learning the leash, but boy, I would like to be your hiking / jogging / camping / adventure companion! Anything else, well, I am just waiting for you to tell me what it is – I can’t wait to begin our journey together, forever, best friends, you and me! So, please, please, please, hurry and put and application for me, Black Cherry, and we can explore this world together!

Black Cherry is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. She is a loving, happy, energetic young dog who likes people, kids, and dogs, but would be best with dogs her own size or larger. She has a strong prey drive and cats and other small pets are not recommended. Remember, young dogs like Black Cherry are a 15 or so year commitment and exercise and training are essential to a happy household. If you would like to add this sweet little tomboy in your life, please put in an application at our

website: https://www.LabRescueFresno.Org