Batman – Black Male X – 1.5 years, 55 lbs.

Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Nana Batman! Never Fear – Batman’s here! Ok, I have to admit I am a little scared and I need to ask you for your help. I may be a Superhero and all, but I just can’t seem to find my forever family. Seems like all of my life I have been looking for them – I even put up the Bat Signal, and still we haven’t found each other. But my luck changed when the Angels of The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno followed the Bat Signal and rescued me. Now, I sit safe in my foster Batcave, loving being inside, part of the family. But I think it is time I fulfilled my Destiny – to Love my Forever Family Unconditionally, saving them from a life without Fun, Fur, Forever! Won’t you spread the word to help them find me, so I can save them? Please, help spread my plea?

Tell them, my forever family, that their Super Hero is waiting for them! I have been training to be their Perfect Puppy! I know not to potty in my bat lair or chew the furniture. I am a great walk or running partner and do well on a leash. Need someone to curl up on the couch and watch that scary movie with – I’m your guy! Do you need someone to return your balls after you throw them? Count me in – I just learned how! Car rides? Sure, let’s take the Batmobile and go for a spin – looking for sadness throughout the land so we can save people with Sweet Puppy Kisses and educate them that rescue and adoption is grand! But most important, please tell my forever family I love them unconditionally? Please, help me find them – I know they must be missing me as much as I am missing them! It’s time Batman hung up his cape!

Now, you can let them know I have never met a two-legger I haven’t loved, but as a superhero, I need the right introductions so I know they aren’t a villain! I would love to have brothers and sisters to play with along with a bunch of toys! I am learning to hang up my cape and play fetch, but we probably wouldn’t want any of those super-villains called Cats – I might have to chase them away! And my People, large and small – I just want to save them with my Super Kisses and Love! I am sure one of you knows my forever family – won’t you help us find each other as soon as possible? Tell them to look for my Bat Signal! Together, my forever family and I shall be a Super Team, saving each other, forever together! Da-Da-Da-Da Da Batman!

Batman, available for adoption though the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. He is a sweet, energetic boy who has been waiting for his forever family to come and love him unconditionally – the only way he knows how to love. He gets along with dogs of all sizes and is crate trained, however, he would be best in a home without cats. Batman is ready to hang up his cap and put his trust in you. As with most young dogs, some investment in training will ensure a long, happy life together. If you are interested in making Batman’s Dream come true, please fill out an application at our website: