Ace – Yellow Male, 10 months old, 54 lbs.

My name is Ace, and this is how I went from a backyard to a luxurious dog bed!

Before the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, I had never been in a house. I lived outside with another dog, but he was mean to me. We had to compete for our food and water. That’s how I got these scars (but I hear that ladies like scars, right?). I’m more of a lover than a fighter, though, so luckily someone convinced my owner to surrender me.

I was so nervous when I got to my foster house. I had never walked through a door before, and they had to teach me what the dog bed was for. I really love napping on my bed now, though! My foster sister is a LRRF alum, and she’s teaching me the ropes. During the day, we sleep a lot, play with our toys, and keep the house safe from the mailman!

I’ve also learned to do my business outside, and I’ve gotten used to my crate. I go right in at night and sleep until morning! I no longer have to compete for food, and I loooooove treats. I like to go on walks (and I don’t pull too much), and I really love to meet new people. I really like to meet kids, too, but I just have to be careful not to knock them over if they are too little!

I keep telling my foster sister that I am so excited to live with her forever. But, she says it is time to find my own family. Would I be a good addition to your family? Are you looking for a by-your-side dog who will get the lab wiggles every time you come home? If you are, the best part is that we would have so many years together, since I’m still a baby. With some more training, I’d be the perfect addition to your family.